Maggie Sims

Sophia’s Schooling

School of Enlightenment Book 1

1816 – London

Orphaned at eighteen, Sophia has learned love means loss.  Now she must leave her country home to navigate the opulence of the London Season, although she has no desire for romance or a husband.

Edward, the newest Earl of Peterborough, is struggling with the business of his family estate. He has shunned marriage due to a shameful secret, but with his title comes the need for heirs.

Despite their misgivings, they cannot resist their attraction.  When she accidentally discovers Edward’s penchant for spankings, Sophia’s curiosity is her undoing.  A clandestine meeting risks a scandal. Only marriage to a reluctant bridegroom can save her reputation. But perhaps a School of Enlightenment can give her an education in love.


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Penelope’s Passion

School of Enlightenment Book 2

1816 – London

After her mother’s death, Penelope Wood’s hope of opening a bakery falls victim to the real need to support herself. When four retired courtesans present her with a temporary yet lucrative path back to her dream, she wants to hear more. Attending the School of Enlightenment, participating in a Virgin Auction, and becoming a courtesan all sound feasible. The most important rule—do not fall in love.

Lord Michael Slade, heir to the Earl of Mansfield, loves his family above all else, cooks for relaxation, and revels in his membership to a discreet spanking club. But his father is ill, and his mother is pushing him to marry. Even so, when he meets a dark-haired beauty who doesn’t mind a good spanking and discovers she’s up for auction, he can’t let her go to another man. He has to have her…at least until he finds a wife.

With an inevitable marriage looming and a vow to remain faithful to his hypothetical bride once he’s engaged, both Penelope and Michael must protect their hearts, even as they find a connection they cannot deny.

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Roslynn’s Rebellion

School of Enlightenment Prequel

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1813 – London

Lady Roslynn St. Pierre has no need for a typical Ton husband. Frustrated with the constraints women are forced to endure, she desires a partner who will support her ambitions to empower women and show her unbridled passion. If the rumors are correct, the Earl of Suffolk might be precisely the man for her.

Nicholas needs a perfect wife. To advance his parliamentary agenda, he must forge a spotless reputation in Society, putting to bed the whispers of his membership in a spanking club, which so scandalized the Ton. Besides, his lady wife will undoubtedly have no interest in his more prurient desires.

Roslynn is determined to win his heart and satisfy his secret needs. But her plans go awry when her idea for a secret school for women conflict with Nicholas’ expectations in a wife. Together, they must determine whether Ton expectations will dictate their marriage or they will forge their own relationship.
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